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Hope is like sunlight,
Full of warmth and bright in colour.
Shows you the way,
Even if it is roller coaster.

Hope is like dream,
To keep you alive.
It’s fuel for the soul,
Essential to survive.

Hope is like butterfly,
Full of different shades,
Spreads life to every,
Heart it embraces.

Hope is infinite,
To fill the definite sadness.
Rays of shimmering joys,
Fills the heart with comfort and solace.

Hopes are like leaves,
Shredding old, brooding new.
Until the heart sings,
The process continues.

Hope is like whispered promise,
A fresh rain.
Enlightens your soul
And keeps you sane.

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Manisha Awasthi


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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.