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Glowing like Neon Stickers!

There is something magical and fascinating about neon stickers. These amazing little shapes and characters glow in the dark and show you their true magical powers.
The science behind it is simple. They absorb the light  radiations and emit that stored light later in the dark, over a period of time. As a child, I loved them because they felt magical. But, as we grow up, We tend to find meaning in almost everything. 
So, what meaning did I find in these glowing shapes and figures? It feels perfectly right to say that neon stickers come with a lot of positivity and reassurance. Somehow, they try to tell that you need to come up as a shining star in the darkest of life moments. It’s the lowest moments in life which shape our character. Your inner strength and the willpower to shine in the pitch black void is the way to go. 

Some of the most beautiful things worth having in your life come wrapped in a crown of thorns. – Shannon L. Alder

These Glowing stickers tell us that gain as much strength and will-power you can, from the happy and sunny moments because you will be needing that strength when the time is just not right and the light is just diminishing. Don’t panic, just live through the moment and you will finally emerge as the brightest star. After all, nothing lasts forever!

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