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F is for Facebook. Don’t you just love Facebook? Oh! Those constantly increasing likes on the photos we share, the check-ins we do, to announce the world where we are travelling, those Facebook trolls we share to make fun of everything and how we tell the world about what we are eating or watching. The list is huge and I am not going to write everything.

Been there, done that (not all but few of the things mentioned in the list) and the best thing is, I recently deleted by Facebook account. I may come back later but not sooner.

Why did I go off Facebook
Well, I have my reasons. I want to do so many different things in life and I realised, the time I am getting is not enough. Sometimes, I secretly wish to have more than 24 hours in a day so I can indulge in a book or write few lines or learn something new and the list is huge.

I decided to put myself under observation to analyse the problem and Bingo! As I watched the observations, this came up. Get up in the morning, connect your phone to Wi-Fi, open Facebook and check for updates, get ready for office, reach office and mid-work, that temptation of checking on what is happening in others’ lives, get back from work and the frequent checking of my feed goes on. I was not doing it consciously, it had become like a reflex. Every time my phone is in my hand, I had to check Facebook even though I have checked it few hours back. I was like what is going on?

You are up to your own imagination, how much time I wasted. So, one fine day, I just deleted my account and deleted all applications from my phone(in case the temptation to log in back creeps in) and now, all of a sudden, I have more time to spend on things I want to do and achieve.

If I say, spending too much time was the only reason,  it would not be justice because there is more to it. The idea of being watched upon is very creepy. One must argue that is why groups and privacy settings are there but still every one of us have some people in our friends list whom we know just through one meeting and others are there whom we must not have talked with in years but they are there, getting all your feeds, access to all photos shared with ‘Friends’ and once you have shared your photo with anyone, you don’t have any control over it because to my knowledge there is no such setting which can restrict people from downloading it or taking a screenshot of it and then you never know where all your photo would be. Sounds creepy. Isn’t ?

If we talk about technology and data side of it, We should be more cautious and responsible because data is king. I have literally lost account what all people share, from telling what they are eating to how cute their child is. What we don’t think about is, sharing updates on Facebook becomes more vulnerable when you include a child in it. Not that I am an expert to talk about this but I have read plenty of articles on how ‘data can make or break you’ and when the power of data can not be neglected in today’s world. One may ask how posting about your bubbly child can put her oat risk. Well, there are two problems associated with it. One you are preparing a digital identity of your child available to everyone which your child might not like when she starts understanding the real world. Who cares about a child’s liking when she can’t even speak being a 4-month old? Right?

Second, you are putting your child at risk by announcing the world about her where and whats and hows. Think about it, Will you personally go to a stranger (the person whom you met at a conference for example or at some party) and tell him/her about your life happenings? I can bet most of the people will not do it.

Moving on, My sleeping patterns are improved since I have deactivated my account as I am not staring at my smartphone when I should actually be sleeping and dreaming.

I am glad that I spent my childhood when Facebook was not around and my parents did not show all my photos to every second person or for that reason, they did not announce to the world how was I doing then. I am glad that those memories are with my parents and are safe with them, far from the eyes of acquaintances and total strangers. I am damn sure, I would not have liked it otherwise.

There is a hidden joy in developing a hobby rather than wasting time on something which gives you the false sense of approvals. There is a special joy in connecting with the real person sitting next to you rather than announcing the world you whereabouts.

You just need to treasure hunt the secret. 

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  • This is so true.
    Social networking sites and their convenient access via mobile devices have made our generation slaves of the Internet. We are unknowingly more information than we should to total strangers, making us vulnerable to crimes we've never imagined possible.

    I do not use Facebook at all and am careful about not sharing any personal pictures anywhere on the Internet. It often puts me in the asocial bracket but deep down I'm happy and at peace that my private life is safely tucked away from the eyes of total strangers.

    Glad you found peace after deactivating your FB account πŸ™‚

    My Era @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In

  • Oh yes! Been there, done that- exactly sums up by games with FB as well. Instead of deleting, I make it a point to go offline for a week or so, every two months. That brings back my sanity! πŸ™‚

  • Totally agree with every word specially last 2 paragraphs.

    @bloggerabhi1 from
    StyleBurpI feel the same infact. We should not be posting each and everything about our life and routine. Why the world should know? Good stuff you are bringing on the table. Bring it on. πŸ™‚

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