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Let’s Do Our Part..


As it is World Poetry Day,
I am going to scribble something,
And have my say!
But I am going to just ,
Write down my mind.
It’s up to you,
What in that; you find.
Let’s care about issues,
Which trouble us the most.
I can pick mine,
And you are free to be your own host.
Let’s do our part
By being the change.
Remember change is ecstatic,
But not for faint-heart.
Let’s break the monotony,
By not walking on the carved path.
Else it will take ages,
To pacify the old wrath.
Let’s not show patriotism,
By chanting against religions.
As we need to fight together,
Against evil and not people.
Let’s teach our children,
Parity by leading by example.
Because in no other way,
They can learn ample.

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Manisha Awasthi


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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.