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I Feel Like Superwoman When..

A lot of moments fill our life. While some are unforgettable, others are transformative and a bunch of these moments gives us the strength to keep going.
There are times when I am not able to impress my own self (I am weird that way) and there are times, which make me feel like superwoman.
I feel like Superwoman when..
I decide to achieve something and stick to my goal.
Years ago, I read a whole story from a book when I was a 3-year-old (I don’t remember the age, of course, my mom told me this)
I write a piece of poetry after a long tiring day.
I spend a whole day indulging in a good book and not worry about chores.
I bake a cake for my husband’s birthday and finish it just 2 minutes before the clock struck midnight.
I am able to execute a perfectly planned surprise for H.
Few years ago, I used to boss around my younger brother just for fun sake. 
I do silly things sometime. 

I am able to make a teeny tiny impact in some lives knowingly or unknowingly.
I do my own bit for a better society by challenging any conscious or unconscious biases.
This post was written for Finish the Sentence Friday hosted by Kristi from Finding Ninee
and Vidya from Collecting Smiles.

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