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Of Everything …

Of love and of hatred,
Of joy and of pain brutally painted,
Of learnings and of being ignorant,
Of musings and of being flippant,
Of desires and of true willpower,
Of solitude and of togetherness,
Of a sound sleep and of nightmares,
Of love at first sight and of disgusting stares,
Of truth and of dares,
Of freedom and of boundaries,
Of sweethearts and of people you dislike,
Of dreams and of roadmap to make them reality,
Of sincerity and of child like sanctity,
Of true purposes and of brevity of life,
Of focus and of dilemma,
Of roses and of thorns,
Of common man and of thrones,
Of feelings and of fallings,
Of believing and of losing trust,
Of randomness and of things you should do, must,
Of fairytales and of true bitter stories,
Of recognition and of unsaid glories,
Of laughter and of tears,
Of success and of failures,
Of no secret ingredients,
And of no known recipes,
Life is a bundle of experiences
which thou add for thee.

Care until next time!

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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.