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Richer, Wilder and Divine

Books take you places,
You have never been.
Books tell you about lives,
Untouched and unseen.Secret stories of joy and tears,
Carved on those scribbled pages.
Unfolding truth wrapped in layers,
Books create the adventure at every stage.

Books make you cry,
In the happiest of times.
And make you smile,
When you are weary and fragile.

Books give you million characters,
As if you know them well.
They shape you, build you,
And live in your heart forever.

Books let you live,
thousand of lives.
And give you the experiences,
Richer, wilder and divine.

I am thankful to my mother for making me friends with books at age 3. She has given me the best habit of all time – reading!
Care until next time!

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