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Happy New Hopes!

Tomorrow will bring a new present,
Hiding twelve magical months underneath.

An unseen box of dreams and dares,
Courage and Destiny will have their own share.

A new canvas for creating memories,
With Love, laughter and sweet reverie.

A new hope for a better society
With less ignorance and uncertainty, 

A new zeal for being right at every stance,
With blend of justice and righteousness.

Tomorrow will bring a new present,
But, today! Let’s not forget.

Take the learnings from today,
And remember them by heart.

And make them stepping stones,
For an unwritten future, which tomorrow unfolds.

**It feels like yesterday when 2015 started and here we are, bidding adieu to 2015 and getting ready for the welcome of 2016. Time flies. Years come and go and leave their imprints on our heart and soul. They make us a better person with every moving day. 

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a very promising upcoming year. May you achieve all your set goals for 2016.

Care until next time!

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