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Diwali Is Festive ‘ALL’

It’s that time of year again,
Can’t believe,
Last year is passed,
In a moment of flick.

Days are shorter,
Nights beautiful and longer,
People are happier,
The festive spirit is in power.

Shiny Lights all around,
Bulbs in a series,
Like stars tied together,
To create an illusion of sparkles.

Get together,
And houses full of laughter,
Aroma of delicious food,
Life’s little wonders.

But I am scared,
To my death,to extremity,
Is this because  of,
difference in our identity.

All the lights seem,
Rays of fire,
I am terrified,
For my survival.

Some will tie,
Firecracker to my tail,
And will enjoy the stage,
With my dreadful chase.

You will be enjoying,
The loud sound of music,
And the louder crackers,
Will please your festive spirit.

And I will be Searching,
For a peaceful corner,
This festive season,
To lessen my fear.

I know you can’t listen,
My internal tremor and blue,
But unfortunately
I can feel sound, More than you.

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