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Paint it bright, Paint it right!

Painting reminds me of memories, sweet little memories of my childhood. It makes me nostalgic. It reminds me about those old days when, my parents used to think about thousand different shades before finalising one and me and my brother used to help them. Ah! the sweet, sunny memories.

I think, each family do a house cleaning and painting every year at least once. Some people do it on festivals and other choose special occasion. Paint not only keep your house good looking and refreshed, It also keeps your mood happy. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a clean and well maintained home?

Choosing the colour and getting the right shade can be a quite tiring task. Bed bath & More has come up with a smart paint finder where you can pick up the ‘theme’ of your choice from the existing collection or you can create your own. Each theme has a bunch of different shades relating to the theme.

There are different categories of shopping based upon your theme. You can shop under bedding, bath, furniture, decor, dining & kitchen categories.

Bed Bath & More also deals in expert advice for your home decor. You can find the home decor experts under ‘Pros’ tab and contact them on your own.

There are pre-existing themes under Themes. One can choose from this exquisite collection. I am not a very ‘morning person’ but I like sunshine and the various different colours, it brings with it. I feel alive when I mull over sweet little memories of life and try to find inspiration and motivation from them, for the future.
Hence, I chose ‘Retro Feel’ theme. This theme gave me sunny, lemony yellow colour of my choice. I visualised the virtual rooms in ‘lemon burst’ shade.

Theme Card
This is how the #paintfinder looks like. You can customise the shade and add that to your shade card and paint sheet.

Paint Finder
Below are some pictures of the room preview. You can view the virtual rooms in full preview as well. The Paint finder tools gives you the option to choose from different kinds of rooms.

Room Preview 
Virtual Room Preview

Virtual Room Preview
You can order the shade card or paint sheet for the real look. Overall, I found the #paintfinder tool very interactive. You can not only visualise the look and feel of paint shade. You can calculate the cost based upon square feet of you room and the quality of paint. I think, it’s a great investment in terms of time and money before you actually invest in paint cost.

So, What are you waiting for? Paint your home in that imaginary shade of yours and live your dream in your newly painted home. I bet, you will feel the creativity. So, Paint it bright! Paint it right.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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