They Say!

They say,
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,
Full of inspiration,
And fills your life with laughter,
Like a fairy tale,
Soulful dreams ready to gleam,
Boat full of hope,
Ready to sail.

They say,
Beauty lies in the soul of forgiver,
Heart bigger than anything,
Ever ready to shower blessings sparkling,
Soul full of simplicity and greatness,
Will heal you with its ticklish tenderness,
Makes you regretful in its own way,
Compel you to ponder night and day.

They say,
Beauty lies in the actions of doer,
Dedicated and thoughtful,
Legendary yet close to ground rules,
Louder than words and bigger than plans,
Honest and peaceful like a white swan,
Determination is must have,
Glorifies the beauty, makes it brave.

They say,
Beauty lies in the present moment,
Just that, which is right now,
Neither its past, nor it is future,
This is all you have,
Mute it or make it a hooter,
Live it with all your will,
Smile and fill it with a frill.

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