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The Orange Juice!

She was dressed in the frilled yellow colour frock with tiny red buttons in front. I think yellow was her favourite colour in childhood. She likes white more than yellow now.
She used to go for walk daily with her dad, holding hands together, matching her tiny little feet with her dad’s feet but there was a particular spot when she used to run, stand on the bench, and ask for orange juice. This was her daily routine in the evening. She used to wait for this moment daily. As soon she used to stand on the bench, juicewala bhaiya used to grin and start making her favourite juice.
After finishing the juice, her day seem to be completed with the satisfaction and a broad smile. This happened to continue for years. The juice counter guy changed several times but her habit did not.
The best part was that she almost believed for years that the juice was free all these years because her dad used to pay at juice counter when she was busy playing after finishing juice and this came as a shocking surprise to her when her mom told her that juice was never free. 🙂
She still laughs at her silliness when she thinks of it.
P.S. The little girl in the story was the younger me. Few days back, my mom reminded me of this and we shared a good laugh. Ah ! the beautiful childhood, always the sweetest.

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