Such is Life..

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When you want it, 
With all your soul,
And yet don’t get it whole.
Such is life..

When you make your deeds,
Earn that dignity,
And still have to pay heed.
Such is life..

When you deserve it the most,
With all your truthfulness,
And yet have to prove more.
Such is life..

When your action,
Speaks for your passion,
And yet they need more motivation.
Such is life..

When you learn,
The things hard way,
And yet there is no easy way.
Such is life..

When you dream high,
And long lost little dreams,
Come to life in an uncanny way.
Such is life..

Photo Credits: Bubble week by Rachel. Creative Common License

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    Very well written.It chimes with my post today on the same subject.

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    Thanks Indu. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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