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I Love You is The Only Way I Know

Look what I found while going through memory lane. Some 5 years ago, I wrote this poem for my darling husband :). Time flies !

To Love is the sweetest act ,
Being loved is the cutest thing.
You cry and you smile in love,
And just happiness it brings.

Suddenly appeared an Angel
My life was about to end and all through,
They say I’m the luckiest,
‘Cuz that angel was no one.. just You.

You’re my savior,
You’re my strongest wall.
I know you’ll be there,
To catch me when I fall.

You make me laugh,
You’re my soul.
You’re the reason,
Who makes me whole.

You’re precious to me,
Your touch is my cure.
Your love is my strength,
And I know that feeling is totally pure.

I just want you to know..
For my well-being.. to you..everything I owe.
My feelings..I don’t know How to show,
I Love You.. is the only way I know…

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