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Empty Stomach, Empty Mind

“It’s not fun to protest on an empty stomach.” Neither it’s fun to study on an empty stomach. An empty stomach follows an empty and hollow mind. It’s awful that millions of children in our country have to choose between a meal and a classroom. They have to give up following their dreams at an early stage to provide meals to their siblings and families.
India is the second most populous country in the world and one of the largest economy by GDP. The country is a home to quarter of all undernourished people worldwide. As per Global Hunger Index,  Among 76 countries, India has improved from its 63rd position to 55th rank compared to last year.
Though We are not in ‘alarming’ hunger state but the state is still ‘serious’. Big number of undernourished Indians are small kids. The future of country is deprived of the proper healthy meal in a day. 
Our Government schools are running midday meals campaign so that these children get both – meal and education. But the trend is, generally children come to school just before meal time. It’s hard for students to focus with an empty stomach. To make it more better, some schools have shifted the meal timings one to two hour earlier so that kids can start the school day with a full tummy.
America was also struggling with same kind of problem. They tackled this problem with No Kid Hungry campaign. This campaign suggested options like School Breakfast and summer meals. Summer Meals helped children to stay full and healthy when school was out. Education and awareness was also part of this campaign. Low-income families were taught to stretch their food budget so that their kids can get proper food at home.
Classroom Hunger is one of the major issues in any country as future of any nation sit in the classrooms and every effort counts in eliminating these kind of hidden hunger.

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