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Just a Thought !

Life is just a gust of wind,
But you can hold it.
By doing incessant efforts,
In your way you can mould it.

Millions of seconds this life worths,
Don’t spoil it in aimless works.
Be mobile but don’t move towards directionless ways,
Life is not just spending your days.

The second name of struggle , Life is…
Struggle in every walk of life.
Makes you the human of power;
Who has used one’s each valuable hour.

Only your deeds can put the,
Crown on your head.
Only these deeds can bring you the;
Name,fame as well the shame.

Remember My friend !! Be a human,
At your inner side,
Then your soul will hold your life;
And give it the way,
And this all is just a thought away.

P.S. Wrote this years back.

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