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Do We Feel Free and Independent ?!

On International Women’s day , I asked a simple question to myself. How safe and free I feel today comparing to last IWD ? And trust me , I have felt no change in the environment around me, the social thinking around me.

I have a question for my readers. Though it’s my personal observation or perception but Is IWD is getting closer to be another Mother’s day or Valentine’s day? Is it losing its main motive? Has it just become a day when men express their love/gratitude towards the women in their life ? How many of us know the UN theme of Women’s Day 2014 ?

If most of the answers of above questions(except last question) are ‘yes‘ then Why are we celebrating IWD?

We should definitely ask this question to ourselves because the main motto of IWD is social awareness of women rights and we will achieve that motto ,  the day,  I or many women like me will feel free, independent and will not see gender discrimination in our society. Because I personally believe that the top cause of every women related issue is gender inequality which inherently derives from the way our society thinks about men and women.

Today also , I know people around me who are gender biased , who prefer a son over daughter , who thinks women are weaker sex, who thinks women and men should not have equal rights , who thinks women are home maker and men are bread maker , who think if a girl is raped; it’s her fault and many more examples. We have to get away with this mentality. We have to think differently. We have to push ourselves hard to change the thinking of people around us at the least basis.

In my opinion , if we succeed to bring a shift of mind in people around us then we are truly celebrating International Women Day. And it requires help at an individual level. Laws and organisations working for  issues related to women’s rights might help but the real change requires efforts at individual level – yes, Only YOU can make the change. So , Stand up and speak for your own rights (Yes, It takes a lot of courage) and inspire others to do the same.  

Happy Weekend

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