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Everything Happens For a Reason..?

Disclaimer : This post is not meant to hurt anybody’s spiritual or emotional sentiments. This is just an attempt to find answers to my few unanswered questions.

They say, “Everything happens for a reason”. What troubles me, is the fact that is it always for your good or is it just a hope which you (they) give to yourself (you) in a hope that some good is on its way ?!


Some people might say that you would not be able to see that ‘good’ when bad times would be on its peak but you will always see it when you retrospect that past of yours. Some would say those bad things need to happen in this world to make you realize the worth of good things around you and it’s just a series of good and bad happenings which presents the perspective that ‘Everything happens for a reason’.
Life is funny in its own way that it teaches lessons in a disguised manner.
I agree with all school of thoughts but what perturbs me are the questions which I am not able to answer myself. I am not able to see any good reason when I wake up in the morning and read in the newspaper that a gang of few odd men rapes a 5-year-old and she dies after that (Maybe, I am blind as I can’t see the ‘good reason’ behind that).

Is there good behind bad events?

I am not convinced with this ideology when I see wrong things happening all around me (It’s not that World should be an ideal place but I am searching for reasons which non-ideal or wrong happenings can bring into our lives). What good reason can lie behind when someone loses his/her loved ones in an accident? How good can it be for a mother who keeps a baby inside her womb for 9 months and the baby takes birth as stillborn? What good reason can a parent (who is already below poverty line) give to his/her child when they themselves make him/her beg for his living? What reason can we give to that girl’s family who died while battling with her life after being raped brutally? Will we ever be able to give a good reason to them if it’s true that ‘Everything happens for a reason‘?

To some, I might sound a pessimist and some of you might think that I am dreaming of an ideal world. Though, the practicality of the thought is that I am just trying to find answer to my original question, “Does really everything happen for a reason or it’s just a hope of something good?!”.

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  • my 2 cents:
    Very recently, I was at the hospital in the hope of providing emotional support to my relatives who were going through a tough time. As I sat there trying to figure out how do I do exactly that, I could not help notice the discussions. They were almost entirely focused on why the tragedy had happened, what could have been the possible reasons. A small symptom ignored, a careless diet, failure to share some info with people around…and the list went on and on. I was pretty furious at this strange attempt of people trying to play Sherlock Holmes but I noticed the couple affected were also taking part. If not anything it had taken their mind off from the immediate tragedy. And in some strange way, people love going into a 'Only if.." mode. Probably it gets them into a wishful mode. A momentary respite may be.

    I believe, we are hardwired to try and find a reason for everything. Something that we cannot understand makes us you accept in the post above. And of course we revel in 'hindsight wisdom'. We are just too good at retrofitting cause to effect. Religion and value system has evolved over the years to meet this exact need. Hindu concept of Karma and multiple births is the ultimate answer. You can't beat that.

    Two choices: Accept you are on this earth because of random mutations that happened without a sublime reason years ago. And since then there has been no reason for anything to happen. Cause and effect are related but there are just too many variables for you to be in control all the times. So give in..dont worry about it..(beyond a limit maybe..after all we are human)

    OR fall back to a structured answer that your religion and value system gives you.

    Wheww!! that was long.. time to get back to mindless posts on facebook 🙂

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