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Smile Please :)

They say, “It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three muscles to frown”. And I think the best smiles are those which you give to others.The reason behind those colors of happiness could be anything and everything ; A random joke, Your first public appreciation, silly pranks played with friends, a child’s activities for his/her mother, memory of your first date, your first trophy ; All we need is, a happy desire to smile, a desire to forget all our worries and fears for that precious moment.

And yes, Smiles are contagious too. There is a small incident which proved this theory to me. It was a Deepawali holiday and I couldn’t go to my native place for some reason. I was all sad and gloomy as I was missing being home and most of my friends were gone too. I was in Hyderabad that time and there you will not find markets as decorated and filled with people as they are in North India where Diwali is the main festival. 

So, me and my friend decided to go to an orphanage to celebrate the festival with children but somehow we  were not able to find any orphanage. So, We bought crackers, fruits and sweets and went to a road side slum near our office. The sooner We reached there, the quicker all the children from age 3 to age 14 surrounded us 🙂 (They saw what we got for them). We distributed the sweets amongst them and their faces were beaming with happiness to get those crackers. Their mothers were asking those kids to thank us and wish us Deepawali. Those beautiful smiles filled my day with smiles and today also When I think of that beautiful day, It brings a bundle of happiness to my face.

That’s the beauty of a smile. Whenever it comes to your face, it makes a history and whenever you remember those glorious  moments , You smile again. 🙂

So, Did you complete your laughter challenge for the day and to how many people you said, “Smile Please” 🙂

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