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Life Is Beautiful !!…Isn’t it??

Is Life  beautiful and fair..
Do we accept it with dare??
Or it’s a mere luck or opportunity..
Can you tell me  this with clarity..??
Life!! a beautiful experience…full of opportunity…a blessing from the Almighty…for some a fairy tale…and for some a helpless game. Is this a matter of opportunity or the born luck..?? Is this only fate or an outcome of hard work?? Had we ever given it a thought..??

When a child first opens his eyes in this world, he  doesn’t know what’s there in store for him. It’s his luck what opportunities life presents before him and it’s his willingness to live his life to the most when he tries to grab those opportunities and make use of them to right, What we call as his own fate.

Life is like a mirror. One side is polished and other side is bare and the people who make it fair are really rare. The attitude, the willingness to excel, to achieve something makes it different. But the question remains the same.. Does life give opportunity to those who have that will ?

This is a never ending debate whether this is luck or hard work and there are some questions still unanswered. But, only mulling over this is not sufficient. There should be some action and the first step to overcome this gap is to take the initiative to make a stand. We who are the lucky ones, whom life has given the opportunity, to live in a better way…This is our duty to raise the opportunity for those who need this. We should make  atleast an effort to bring smile on that face who always think of us as the ‘richest and the fittest’. We should take a step forward to hold that hand who might be needing it at that moment.

Come on friends!! Just give it a thought and lets try to make a difference in whatever possible way we can as we never know that small , subtle difference may change somebody else’s life significantly.

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