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Who am I..Where am I..Why am I..

Sometimes I Think…
Who am I??…
The Unsaid Truth;
Or mere an Illusion.
The Beauty of soul;
Or a Personality Charismatic.
The jovial humour;
Or a secret silent deep in my Heart.
Sometimes I Wonder…
Where am I??..
On the top of the world;
Or at the bottom of depth.
In the heart of Friends;
Or in the soul of mine.
In the Hope of sunrise;
Or in the lasting beauty of sunset.
Sometimes I Question…
Why am I??..
For the completeness of self;
Or to serve the Humanity.
For giving joy to others;
Or always hoping for mine.
To rekindle the spirit of soul;
To THANKS the Almighty for giving me this LIFE..

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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.