Who am I..Where am I..Why am I..

Sometimes I Think…
Who am I??…
The Unsaid Truth;
Or mere an Illusion.
The Beauty of soul;
Or a Personality Charismatic.
The jovial humour;
Or a secret silent deep in my Heart.
Sometimes I Wonder…
Where am I??..
On the top of the world;
Or at the bottom of depth.
In the heart of Friends;
Or in the soul of mine.
In the Hope of sunrise;
Or in the lasting beauty of sunset.
Sometimes I Question…
Why am I??..
For the completeness of self;
Or to serve the Humanity.
For giving joy to others;
Or always hoping for mine.
To rekindle the spirit of soul;
To THANKS the Almighty for giving me this LIFE..

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  1. If u are… "The unsaid truth or mere an illusion" then u are GOD…

    If u are "The beauty of a soul or personality Charismatic" then u are LOVE…

    And if u are "The Jovial Humour or a secret silent kept in your heart" then u are MANISHA I guess… 😛

  2. @ Himanshu
    Hmmm…I am not God or Love but yes, I am true believer of the fact that God resides in everyone and every soul is Love in its truest and purest form as Lord Krishna itself said "Main sabhi pranio mein sambhav se vyapt hoon…" 🙂

  3. god's reply
    u r sweet child o' mine
    send among d thoughtless humans
    to make dem ponder on facts not thought abt
    n to give evrythin a meanin…

  4. once again a beautiful capture of thoughts…i guess everyone ask these questions to oneself at least once in a life time…

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