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One Fine Day..

One Fine Day…
They arrived here with,
Eyes gleaming with glittering dreams;
Filled with Enthusiasm…They seemed.
They all were strangers,
They all were different;
Gradually they knew…understood each other,
Single they were good; together they were best.
There were touchy birthday celebrations,
And the lovely get togethers.
There were boring study sessions;
And there were sessions of humours.
There were clashes over class bunks,
And gossips over others’ affairs;
There were naughty pranks;
And outbursts of emotions and care.
Time stepped by…
Four years passed soo fast;
Like it was a matter of yesterday,
When they arrived…That Fine Day.
Life moves on…
And it will move all through.
No matter where they’ll be;
But the fact will always remain true.
Those were the Best Days,
College life blessed them with;
And they are the lucky lot,
To have such good friends around.
They knew deep within,
Time will never come back this way;
As it all happened,
Just One fine Day….

College Days are the best days. You can neve forget this time as it teaches you a lot of things. I wrote this poem in my last days of graduation when Nostalgia has crowded my mind.. 🙂

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  • Agreed… These are the best days.. and I have 1 whole year at hand.. 😛
    But ya, I'll also feel the same some day, dats for sure.
    Wish you best of luck, and if you can make your "second life" half as happening as your "first", you'd be in heaven, and may you be able to do so.. 🙂

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