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One Fine Day..

One Fine Day…
They arrived here with,
Eyes gleaming with glittering dreams;
Filled with Enthusiasm…They seemed.
They all were strangers,
They all were different;
Gradually they knew…understood each other,
Single they were good; together they were best.
There were touchy birthday celebrations,
And the lovely get togethers.
There were boring study sessions;
And there were sessions of humours.
There were clashes over class bunks,
And gossips over others’ affairs;
There were naughty pranks;
And outbursts of emotions and care.
Time stepped by…
Four years passed soo fast;
Like it was a matter of yesterday,
When they arrived…That Fine Day.
Life moves on…
And it will move all through.
No matter where they’ll be;
But the fact will always remain true.
Those were the Best Days,
College life blessed them with;
And they are the lucky lot,
To have such good friends around.
They knew deep within,
Time will never come back this way;
As it all happened,
Just One fine Day….

College Days are the best days. You can neve forget this time as it teaches you a lot of things. I wrote this poem in my last days of graduation when Nostalgia has crowded my mind.. 🙂

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