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Love at First Sight..

I still wonder Does it truly happen,
Love at First Sight!!
Although after seeing him first,
I dream him in the night..

His presence makes me feel,
Vibrant and Bright.
His gaze chills up my spine,
And I wanna hold him tight.
He is special to me,
And I feel special when he is around.
But It’s unknown to me…
Is Love also there…the other way round.
Sometimes I wonder..Sometimes I’m confused,
Sometimes I’m wrong..Sometimes I’m right,
All I don’t know is “Does it truly happen?”
Love at First Sight!!
Love at First Sight!!

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Manisha Awasthi


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  • Nice write… was very natural to read without any forced emotions. Waise I dont believe in love at 1st sight, as the well known cliche goes..
    "Love does not mean having to look towards each other, but to look together in the same direction"

  • @Anshul Thanks!! It didn't happen to me yet and it just a poetic thought nothing else…:)

    @Gabbar Thanks a lot!!

    @Himanshu Thanks Himanshu!! Well I also don't believe in Love at First Sight.. Love means togetherness…as you very well said Looking together in the same direction…!

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