I Stepped Into Life..


Is there something??
That I am feeling special.
What is it happening??
That I am getting emotional.
I am drenched with lovely thoughts,
Of my Life..Friends and Family..
I can’t repay them back..the Love they gave,
But I owe Them my entire life whole-heartedly.
I am showered with lovely blessings,
From all my friends around.
I pray to the Almighty for His guidance,
Wishing not to hurt anyone and spreading happiness unbound.
Suddenly I got my memory back,
Why am I feeling soo delight..
As it is the Same day when,
I stepped into Life..
I stepped into Life…

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  1. @ Himanshu now you told me to release a special poem on the day..So it was obvious that the word "spcl" do come….:D

    Yes,I owe my friends a treat and they owe me the gifts…what say?? 😛

    Well, I dont know about others but I find title matching..the toughest job in the world. And I think about the title after the composition.. 🙂

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