Scars | #RhythmicWednesday

Once there was a man,Nothing he knew about battle plan.Yet he was on war frontWith exemplary courage to confront.Asking ‘Will I see family again In this lifespan. Once there was a womanTorn spirit, heart warm as woolen.Normal life as a distant dream,All night people scream.Rubble cities and fields barren. Once there happened this war,Between nations … Read More

Mind Little Lost

Another evening,Sitting on couch.Mind little lost,Parallel trains of thought. How many lives do we touch,By just showing up.How do we impact others,For their better or worse selves? Does the peace inside us,Contribute to World peace,Or the World peace,Calms our inner sea? Whatever is the answerIt is a must.For you to function,And the World to prosper. … Read More

राजनीति | #RhythmicWednesday

हिन्दू मुस्लिम की इस जंग में, कौन जीते और कौन हारे, कहीं मेरा देश इस राजनीति की सजा ना गुजारे ? धर्म नहीं सिखाता, आपस में बैर रखना | फिर कौन से धर्म, के रक्षक हो तुम कभी खुद से पूछना | क्या वो धर्म सिखाता, दुसरो का अपमान ? क्या वो धर्म सिखाता , … Read More