Zest – #AtoZChallenge

This work trip was taking its toll on her. Long meetings, making presentations after work and dinner discussions about next day work were getting too much. It was almost like breathing work every second. After […]

Young and Bright – #AtoZChallnge

He was waiting for the receptionist to come back from lunch. He used the wait time for a perfect power nap. “Sir, How can I help you?”, someone said. He opened his eyes. “Yes, I […]

Xylograph – #AtoZChallenge

She was really feeling very homesick these days. Though there was a lot to do for her research paper but she didn’t seem to bother. Rather than going to laboratory she chose to stay in […]

Working Woman – #AtoZChallenge

“So, I have one last question remaining”, said the hiring manager. “Ours is a very fast paced environment. Being a working woman, How do you normally manage between work, family, and kids?”, he asked with […]

Victory – #AtoZChallenge

She was bored with this routine. Her medical complications were not going to ease soon. This year did not go very well in terms of her health. She got injured severely in an accident. The […]

Unconscious Bias – #AtoZChallenge

“Look at her bag. So cool and trendy. I also want the same bag. It’s a little bit smaller but it’s nice”, said Diya. “What do you like in her bag. It is so small […]

Trophy – #AtoZChallenge

“And the award for ‘Best Manager of the year’ goes to someone who has been an inspirational example always. Well, for last ten years for sure. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the award goes to our […]

SoulSisters – #AtoZChallenge

She met her on the first day of office. It was her first day too. A new city and a new job were enough to make them feel lonely. Official accommodation was ending in eight […]

Room No 813 – #AtoZChallenge

“Sir, this is your room key. Your room number is 813 and the lift is on the right-hand side”, the receptionist handed him the room keys. He picked up the keys and started walking towards […]

Quit – #AtoZChallenge

She remembered the date. Exactly 11 years ago, she played her first lottery. She always liked to try new things and this was something new for her. Months after months, subscription after subscription, she kept […]