Quit – #AtoZChallenge

She remembered the date. Exactly 11 years ago, she played her first lottery. She always liked to try new things and this was something new for her. Months after months, subscription after subscription, she kept […]

Proposal – #AtoZChallenge

Lying on her bed, She was staring at the moon which was looking beautiful today. She could see the twinkling stars lined perfectly around the moon. They were the mirror reflection of the brightness in […]

Oxygen – #AtoZChallenge

The play ‘Oxygen’ was getting very good response from the audience. She was a playwright but this was the first time she was acting in her own play. She was playing the female lead. The […]

Not Again – #AtoZChallenge

She was sitting in her room. A little grumpy in her heart. For third consecutive year, Nick forgot her birthday. She was thinking about past years when they were newly married. Everything used to be […]

Meme – #AtoZChallenge

His phone beeped with WhatsApp message notification. He picked up his phone and the message in his family group read, “Wife: Why every car driver is smiling at me and winking at you today? Is […]

Love – #AtoZChallenge

There she was, living with him, sharing his dream, adding sweetness to his morning coffee, trying to brighten his otherwise grey days, helping him visualising his dreams and goals, cheering his soul with all her […]

Kindness – #AtoZChallenge

He started walking towards his shelter for the night after buying his meal. He was homeless in a foreign country and was struggling to meet his ends. One gentleman today graciously gave him some money […]

Jealous – #AtoZChallenge

She was the epitome of liveliness. Always jovial, motivated, happy-go-lucky, everyone’s friend. What else is required in a good human being? She had the most melodious voice. Her charming nature used to win everyone’s heart. […]

Irony – #AtoZChallenge

She shared the cubicle with other team members. Another woman and two men. And, like every year, the same discussion started again. “Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? I don’t think, We need to […]

Happiness – #AtoZChallenge

He came home after a week. It was a work trip. The project was important for his company and thankfully, meetings with the stakeholders went really well. He missed her as much she missed him. […]