AtoZChallenge2017 #ThemeReveal

So, Last year I took #AtoZChallenge and finished it. I blogged without a theme. It was about my random ramblings on a particular day. It became hectic when the end of the challenge was in visibility but nevertheless, I survived. I remember having the conversation with myself, “Oh Woman! What have you signed up for?”, when […]

Hindi Poem Nostalgia poetry

क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए!

कल ही तो थे छोटे से ,क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए ।बचपन की दहलीज लांघ कर ,कब बचपने से दूर हो गए । ना रही वो बेफिकरी दुनिया ,जो जीती थी संग गुड्डे गुड़िया। एक टॉफी खुश कर देती थी ,उस नन्हे से दिल को संतुष्ट करती थी । जब मम्मी सुनाती थी बाल कहानियां ,और […]

Love poetry

My Perfect Escape! #Bloglove

Of realities and dreams,Of muse and hues,Of words and thoughts,Of tales, connecting the dots,Of smiles and tears,Of all those glorious cheers,Of habits and passions,Of those perceived notions,You share them all,You have my heart,And all my loveAt times, I feel blocked,And might have a tiny fall,Then I get up,To enjoy the dance at ball.You are my […]

Life poetry

The Road Less Traveled By

The road less traveled by,Seems anew yet scary.It has its own challenges,Will you take them up and be merry?! The road less traveled by,Is full of twists and turns.Will get ‘you’ out of you,Is your skin ready to feel the burns?! The road less traveled by,Has everything but easeEvery second is a different fight,Is your […]