My Journey Back To Life..

It was soo dark,That I almost got blind.I looked for help,But there was no one behind. I was all alone,Feeling scared and dejected.I was all ignorant,Feeling ignored and outdated. Suddenly a hand hold me,The way […]

Love at First Sight..

I still wonder Does it truly happen,Love at First Sight!!Although after seeing him first,I dream him in the night.. His presence makes me feel,Vibrant and Bright.His gaze chills up my spine,And I wanna hold him […]

I Long To See That Peaceful Heaven..

The world of beauty and comfort,Where all species are brethren,Which is devoid of all types of hunt,I long to see that Peaceful Heaven… The world of knowledge and sense,Where Humanity resides in the hearts of […]

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time..And a very good time,There was a me..Always waiting for you,From the depth of my soul.Always wishing for you,From the soul of my heart. I waited..Waited a long,For you to comeAnd say, […]

I Bid You all Adieu..

What Can I say about,Those happy four years….Memories of College days,Just lit the eyes with tears…Soo much to say,And soo much to write.That I could go on all day,Especially when now it’s in hindsight.Friends I […]