Women and Visual Markers!

We live in a society which seems to be very biased towards one gender role. We talk about equality, we talk about parity but often we don’t try hard enough to change things which are […]

India’s Daughter – Fight for Justice

मैं एक फूल या तराशा हुआ पत्थर या एक वस्तु ना थी , थी एक जीती जागती इंसान जिसमे सांसें धड़कती थीं । क्या था मेरा दोष जिसकी ऐसी सज़ा सामने आई ?या मैं ये समझूँ […]

Do We Feel Free and Independent ?!

On International Women’s day , I asked a simple question to myself. How safe and free I feel today comparing to last IWD ? And trust me , I have felt no change in the […]