Anxieties are fond of me, They make sure, To pay me visit, And always without knocking the door. They make me bite nails, Crawling inside me like snails. Just like an old trusted friend, They […]

क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए!

कल ही तो थे छोटे से ,क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए ।बचपन की दहलीज लांघ कर ,कब बचपने से दूर हो गए । ना रही वो बेफिकरी दुनिया ,जो जीती थी संग गुड्डे गुड़िया। एक […]

My Perfect Escape! #Bloglove

Of realities and dreams,Of muse and hues,Of words and thoughts,Of tales, connecting the dots,Of smiles and tears,Of all those glorious cheers,Of habits and passions,Of those perceived notions,You share them all,You have my heart,And all my […]

The Road Less Traveled By

The road less traveled by,Seems anew yet scary.It has its own challenges,Will you take them up and be merry?! The road less traveled by,Is full of twists and turns.Will get ‘you’ out of you,Is your […]

Mirror mirror, Just Say it All ! #FridayReflections

Mirror mirror on my wall,‘Wants to tell me something’,I asked it to be brave, And just say it all. Be true to you,Be yourself,Look at your soul,Through the eyes and find it whole. Don’t loose yourself,To […]


You,Yes, it’s you,Who is responsible for hue.And shades not so blue. You deserve a pat,On your back,For surviving the moments,That looks like closed sacks. You owe yourself,The happiness and joy,Forget about others,It’s your convoy. You […]


Time is of essence,It is the ultimate truth.Love it or loathe it,This beauty is soo ruth. Time rules, time ruins,It is the magic,Which moves the life,And make you loose or win. Time heals, time gives the […]

Nothing Is Everlasting!

Nothing is permanent,In this illusionary place.This is the only truth,As soon you can embrace. Think about future,But don’t live just in that hope.Build it everyday,See how far can you knit the rope. Don’t let the […]