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Hindi Poem Nostalgia poetry

क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए!

कल ही तो थे छोटे से ,क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए ।बचपन की दहलीज लांघ कर ,कब बचपने से दूर हो गए । ना रही वो बेफिकरी दुनिया ,जो जीती थी संग गुड्डे गुड़िया। एक टॉफी खुश कर देती थी ,उस नन्हे से दिल को संतुष्ट करती थी । जब मम्मी सुनाती थी बाल कहानियां ,और […]

Childhood Memory Nostalgia


Memory of the first school, Filled with laughter and craziness. Memory of the teenage time, Full of innocence and the stupidness. Memory of first love, Makes you emotional and tender. Memory of sweet little moments, Gives you the moment to walk further. Memories are magical, Memories leave you spellbound. It’s the pile up of that […]

College life Nostalgia poetry

One Fine Day..

One Fine Day… They arrived here with,Eyes gleaming with glittering dreams;Filled with Enthusiasm…They seemed. They all were strangers,They all were different;Gradually they knew…understood each other,Single they were good; together they were best. There were touchy birthday celebrations,And the lovely get togethers.There were boring study sessions;And there were sessions of humours. There were clashes over class […]