My Perfect Escape! #Bloglove

Of realities and dreams,Of muse and hues,Of words and thoughts,Of tales, connecting the dots,Of smiles and tears,Of all those glorious cheers,Of habits and passions,Of those perceived notions,You share them all,You have my heart,And all my […]

Do we really need just a day to celebrate love?

Today, when a majority of people are going gaga over their Valentine’s day celebration and social media timeline is flooded with such posts, I am wondering about what it means to me.  Do we really […]

Falling For Her..

He was polite and More than humble.She was such beauty,That anyone could stumble.He used to stare at her,While roaming in his place.And She used to walk,with steps full of grace.He never felt so contented,In his life […]

I Count On You !

With you honey, Life is colourful and funny. I have got my purpose, In this worldly circus. In your presence, Problems look minuscule. Gives me the strength, To fight back the world and rule. Your […]

Sometimes All You Need

Sometimes all you need, A little pat on your back.And you bounceTo demean all your lack. Sometimes all you need,A little trust.And you give,Back with all your thrust. Sometimes all  you need,A little surreal dream.To […]

Love Finds Its Way !

Love finds its way, In life full of sway.And gives you aReason to cherish everyday. Love finds its soul, In life full of holes.And makes your lifePleasant, worthy and whole. Love finds its place,In life […]

You Die and Come Back to Survive

Love is like a song, Nothing is right or wrong. Love is like school,Everyday you learn new rule. Love is like lifeline,Without it you whine. Love is the power,strength to soar high. Love is a […]