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The Road Less Traveled By

The road less traveled by,Seems anew yet scary.It has its own challenges,Will you take them up and be merry?! The road less traveled by,Is full of twists and turns.Will get ‘you’ out of you,Is your skin ready to feel the burns?! The road less traveled by,Has everything but easeEvery second is a different fight,Is your […]


I Feel Like Superwoman When..

A lot of moments fill our life. While some are unforgettable, others are transformative and a bunch of these moments gives us the strength to keep going. There are times when I am not able to impress my own self (I am weird that way) and there are times, which make me feel like superwoman. I feel […]

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Of Everything …

Of love and of hatred,Of joy and of pain brutally painted,Of learnings and of being ignorant,Of musings and of being flippant,Of desires and of true willpower,Of solitude and of togetherness,Of a sound sleep and of nightmares,Of love at first sight and of disgusting stares,Of truth and of dares,Of freedom and of boundaries,Of sweethearts and of […]

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Life Teaches Us..

Life teaches us lessons, Through every battle we fight, Stick it into your mind, It’s an experience – not easy and light. Life teaches us to dream With every second we live, Dreams of beauty, dreams of peace. Dreams that keep our hopes alive. Life teaches us to be forgiving, To others and to ourselves, […]

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They Say!

They say, Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,Full of inspiration,And fills your life with laughter,Like a fairy tale,Soulful dreams ready to gleam,Boat full of hope,Ready to sail. They say,Beauty lies in the soul of forgiver,Heart bigger than anything,Ever ready to shower blessings sparkling,Soul full of simplicity and greatness,Will heal you with its ticklish tenderness,Makes […]

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To Live and To Breathe..

Life is found,In the weirdest of dreams.Dreams come true,From the strongest of passions. Passions are infectious,To an ambitious crowd.They create a better world,To live around. World is beautiful,With best of intentions.World is scary,With ugliest of real fiction. One should be scared,But from one’s soul within.Let’s make world a better place,To live and to breathe.