Diwali Is Festive”ALL”

It’s that time of year again, Can’t believe,Last year is passed,In a moment of flick. Days are shorter,Nights beautiful and longer,People are happier,The festive spirit is in power. Shiny Lights all around,Bulbs in a series,Like […]

Can We Stop Being Responsible For Murders?!

Recently I watched Satyamev Jayate produced by Aamir Khan. The episode was all about accidents happening on Indian roads. The episode brought many such causes which lead to these accidents aka ‘murders’. Why is road accident called as […]


मेरे भी कुछ सपने थे,  जो मेरी इन अखियों ने बुने थे, मेरे माँ – बाबू की साँस थी मै ,उनके ताउम्र परिश्रम का ताप थी मैं .ज़िन्दगी जीने की हकदार थी मैं, कुछ बनने  की तमन्ना में […]