Happy New Hopes!

Tomorrow will bring a new present,Hiding twelve magical months underneath.An unseen box of dreams and dares,Courage and Destiny will have their own share.A new canvas for creating memories,With Love, laughter and sweet reverie.A new hope […]

What Was My Mistake?

I wanted to celebrate,My best friend’s birthday.I wanted to explain,My mommy about my day.I wanted to play,And Run on the green grass,I wanted to go,To my evening guitar class.I wanted to study,For a better life,I […]

Just a Thought !

Life is just a gust of wind,But you can hold it.By doing incessant efforts,In your way you can mould it.Millions of seconds this life worths,Don’t spoil it in aimless works.Be mobile but don’t move towards […]

Tomorrow Will Bring a New Day !

Tomorrow will bring a new day,And a light of hope will illuminate our way. Hope to live in a better humanitarian world,By listening our inner self to make right decisions.Hope we get the strength to stand against […]

I Long To See That Peaceful Heaven..

The world of beauty and comfort,Where all species are brethren,Which is devoid of all types of hunt,I long to see that Peaceful Heaven… The world of knowledge and sense,Where Humanity resides in the hearts of […]