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Friendhip poetry

Some Souls…

Some Souls are like your lifeline… That You simply can’t live without.. Some Souls are like sweet smileys… You just see…smile and later think about. Some Souls are someone’s only best friend… With whom secrets are shared; Some souls are the best safe box; Within them feelings are understood and better cared. Some Souls are […]

Friendhip mind soul

Friends Forever….

On the pathway of life,When everything was full of strife.When…Things were dead,Matters were tough,And everyone was out of sight.Then you were the only hope,In the dark of my night. You made me smile,In the lowest of moods..And darkest of my shades…You were my inspirationAnd will always be…You were with me…And I, with youWill always be. […]

College days Friendhip poetry

I Bid You all Adieu..

What Can I say about,Those happy four years….Memories of College days,Just lit the eyes with tears…Soo much to say,And soo much to write.That I could go on all day,Especially when now it’s in hindsight.Friends I Got are,Full of life and full of intelligence.Experiences I experienced were,Full of lessons and full of knowledge.Time stepped by…College life […]