Dreams That Touch a Chord! #MondayMusings

I have always been a dreamer. My dreams are not bound to the time of day. I dream with my open eyes and while my eyes are closed, dreams are often taking me to places […]

Dreams are not for faint-hearted!

I picked Dreams from D. Being a self-proclaimed dreamer, I couldn’t think of anything better. What are dreams?  Whatever they are, one thing is for sure, they are beautiful. You might argue that dreams are not […]

They Say!

They say, Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,Full of inspiration,And fills your life with laughter,Like a fairy tale,Soulful dreams ready to gleam,Boat full of hope,Ready to sail. They say,Beauty lies in the soul of […]

Sometimes All You Need

Sometimes all you need, A little pat on your back.And you bounceTo demean all your lack. Sometimes all you need,A little trust.And you give,Back with all your thrust. Sometimes all  you need,A little surreal dream.To […]

I Am a Dreamer !

I am a dreamer, With eyes wide open.My dreams are silly,And full of imagination. I am a dreamer,With handful of thoughts.If penned down,Can create variety of plots. I am a dreamer,Who dreams day and night.They […]

To Live and To Breathe..

Life is found,In the weirdest of dreams.Dreams come true,From the strongest of passions. Passions are infectious,To an ambitious crowd.They create a better world,To live around. World is beautiful,With best of intentions.World is scary,With ugliest of […]

For Them Only We Survive !

Life is small,And dreams are bigDreams give you wings,To fly and soar.Dreams give you strength,To live the present and hope for better.Dreams give you dreams,To achieve more and gleam.Dreams give you hope,To make your dreams […]