Reflections #atozchallenge 2016

It was an amazing April with #atozchallenge. This year was my first time for AtoZChallenge and I am glad that I took up the challenge. There were days when I was clueless what to write […]


Zest is all about taking the challenges and life in general positively. Life happens everyday. We can’t wait for a day in future to be happy. It has to be today, the very moment and […]


You,Yes, it’s you,Who is responsible for hue.And shades not so blue. You deserve a pat,On your back,For surviving the moments,That looks like closed sacks. You owe yourself,The happiness and joy,Forget about others,It’s your convoy. You […]


X reminds me of Xerox machine and takes me to the college days because those were the time when Xerox copies were of utmost importance. It is such a great invention on its own. Create […]

Women and Visual Markers!

We live in a society which seems to be very biased towards one gender role. We talk about equality, we talk about parity but often we don’t try hard enough to change things which are […]


Life is funny that way. You can’t really undo the moment which just passed. I mean think about it. Once the clock moves a second, you can’t really go back, you can’t undo an action […]


Time is of essence,It is the ultimate truth.Love it or loathe it,This beauty is soo ruth. Time rules, time ruins,It is the magic,Which moves the life,And make you loose or win. Time heals, time gives the […]


Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. I am a no-glitter person because I believe, we add glitter or shimmer to something which doesn’t shine otherwise. Be it clothes or even a coffee mug, extra […]


Read your mind,Read any book,Read somethingWhich keep you hooked. Read your heart,Read your soul,Read the voidWhich makes a hole. Read the highs,Read your lows,Read with a grace,Read it slow. Read like a child,Read with a […]