Working Woman – #AtoZChallenge

“So, I have one last question remaining”, said the hiring manager.

“Ours is a very fast paced environment. Being a working woman, How do you normally manage between work, family, and kids?”, he asked with a straight face.

“Like you do Mr. Khatri. You must be doing it yourself”, Nilisha politely replied.

“I am actually surprised by your question Mr. Khatri as nothing was mentioned in the job description about not being a family person or parent”, said Nilisha.

“Ummm.. I just asked”, said Mr. Khatri.

“Also, one of my colleagues applied for the similar position in your company. Akash was interviewed last week by you and you never asked him about managing family and being a parent”, said Nilisha with a smile.

Mr. Khatri was startled.

“Actually, thank you for inviting me today for the interview. I appreciate your time. I would also like to tell you that Akash and myself gave the interview for a social experiment. We are working with an organization which is trying to measure the workplace diversity at different levels. I am also very sorry to tell you that your company ranks very poorly as there is clear bias based upon candidate’s gender. May be your company should stop differentiating between working men and women. We will send you the detailed report of this experiment. I should take your leave now. Have a good day!”, Nilisha said.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

3 thoughts on “Working Woman – #AtoZChallenge”

  1. This line “May be your company should stop differentiating between working men and women” is just perfect 🙂 I ain’t married but as a women working away from home, I get a lot of questions like ” How do you manage all by yourself without having a parent around to guide you or support you? ” I just am surprised by a number of guys who ask me this because aren’t they doing the same :/

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