Ending Soon – #AtoZChallenge

Being a store manager is no cakewalk. Last few weeks had been really hectic but profitable. She was sent to execute a sales experiment in newly opened store in another city. Working from morning till late nights was not unusual. She developed a liking for really long working hours after her marriage.

She was doing a floorwalk and instructing people about last-minute changes before the store opens this morning. Her floorwalk ended with a quick coffee break.

She was feeling little strange and anxious. Two more days in this city before she goes back to her husband, her family.

As she settled down on the chair with her coffee mug and looked at the new banner in store which read “Hurry up! SALE ending soon”. She immediately realised the reason for her anxiety and restlessness. There was something in her life which she needs to end sooner than later.

She picked up the phone to call her lawyer friend and said, “I want to file a case against  domestic violence. Can you help?”


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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