Choices – #AtoZChallenge

They did the math for the upcoming expenditure on their wedding. They discussed the number of gifts to be given to people whom they have met hardly few times in their life. They added the cost of venue which would increase their standard in society. They discussed the number of dishes which would please their guests. All the calculations were done with utmost precision.

And there they were, after six months, promising each other the togetherness for life. They were getting married to each other in presence of their immediate family members. The only guest present was the person whom they found through the City Hospital.

Rather than spending their hard-earned money on lavish wedding, they chose to help a stranger in need who couldn’t have afford his medical expenses otherwise.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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  1. How selfless of this couple! You gotta admire them for making their day even more meaningful by sharing their love for one another with someone in need. Wouldn’t it be grand if more people were this selfless? Good read. Whenever you get a chance, please check out some critters I drew for the letter “C” in my A2Z series, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet! Happy a2zing, my friend!
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