Accomplishment – #AtoZChallenge

“Are you really sure about the action you are about to take? I mean, they will question about your capabilities and grey matter. Have you thought through every aspect of it? Do you have a ready-made solution for this as you already know how it works? I am not trying to scare you but the step you are going to take will be difficult and hard and will come with wide variety of challenges. Don’t you fuss later that I didn’t warn?”

She pleasantly listened to the voice while working at the same time on her 13” macbook. After she finished the task on hand, She said, “I see what you are trying to do here but I am confident about myself. I will do just fine. I might not have a solution at hand but I do have an idea about how to get there.”

And with this, She ended the conversation in her head and accomplished her own fears.

She stood up in the meeting room filled with men, to present her own thoughts on the topic, ‘How do we get more women in leadership roles?’


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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  1. I really like this, listening to the voice of reason inside her head preparing her for the task she’s about to undertake. Great to find a fellow flash fictioneer!
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