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So, Last year I took #AtoZChallenge and finished it. I blogged without a theme. It was about my random ramblings on a particular day. It became hectic when the end of the challenge was in visibility but nevertheless, I survived.

I remember having the conversation with myself, “Oh Woman! What have you signed up for?”, when alphabets X and Z stared into my eyes. I swear, I am not lying but that is the true spirit of a challenge in my opinion.

All this being said, It’s that time of the year again and I am ready to embrace myself with the frenzy #AtoZChallenge brings. A to Z Challenge is about daily blogging except Sundays in April. One day for each letter of alphabet. Exciting! Isn’t it?

This year, I have decided to go with a theme and my theme for #AtoZChallenge is Flash Fiction. Not that I am good at writing fiction but that is something, I want to be good at.

I read a lot of blogs through this challenge last year and hope to explore many more this year. Let the excitement begin!

Please drop a note if you too are taking the challenge.

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    I am taking the challenge too and I am so not ready ! But my theme will give me the flexibility to write daily .. So let’s see.
    If you pull off flash fiction you’ll end atoz on such a high. It’s the toughest theme to crack . As per me of course 😉 .. All the best

    1. mm
      • Manisha Awasthi
      • March 29, 2017

      From your comment, I can see myself having the same conversation which I mentioned in post 😀
      All the best to you too. Let’s march ahead for an eventful April!

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    You are in good company with the Flash Fiction theme. Welcome back for another year of A to Z blogging!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. mm
      • Manisha Awasthi
      • March 30, 2017

      Thanks for visiting Arlee. Only time will tell whether I picked the right theme or not. Hope to see you more often during #AtoZ.

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    Such interesting times to write flash fiction. You will nail it. Best of luck!

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