The Road Less Traveled By

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The road less traveled by,
Seems anew yet scary.
It has its own challenges,
Will you take them up and be merry?!

The road less traveled by,
Is full of twists and turns.
Will get ‘you’ out of you,
Is your skin ready to feel the burns?!

The road less traveled by,
Has everything but ease
Every second is a different fight,
Is your soul ready for such plight?!

The road less traveled by,
Might have flowers or thorns.
You need to carve your own path,
May be that’s why you were born.

The road less traveled by,
Is uncommon and not traditional.
Courage and will-power,
Down the path; are tools for survival.

The road less traveled by
Has its own charm nonetheless.
If you ever go down that road
You emerge as true spirit of reality and truthfulness.

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    Nice one

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