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Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. I am a no-glitter person because I believe, we add glitter or shimmer to something which doesn’t shine otherwise.

Be it clothes or even a coffee mug, extra complex designs give me nausea. Decked up and shiny things itch my soul. I adore simplicity and I can’t do without it. There is something special about elegance which attracts me towards it and makes me spellbound.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Clare Boothe Luce

Simplicity rocks in its own elegance. It stands out in the crowd. It has its very own natural face and not a decked up one. It is like a cool breeze. It is like a nature with which we are born and it can’t be learned in a day. It is the ultimate supreme truth. So, why not just let it be.

Simplicity and elegance is like a habit. We need to embrace it in everything we do. It’s like you can look up a person and one’s daily habits, life choices, attire, actions will speak how much elegant one is. It’s a combination of your inner self and outer you.

So, Are you a believer of KISS?

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    Yes be simple and lead a simple life. I am a simple person too 😉

    Talk to me once more – The Solitary Writer

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    Your HeSheStory is not going simple though 😉

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