#AtoZChallenge – I Am In!

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I am taking part this year to participate in the blog fest known as #AtoZChallenge 2016. 26 alphabets, 26 days of fun and 26 posts, #AtoZChallenge is all about. I wanted to do this when I saw few posts last year. I have decided to give it a shot this year. Time is of essence and time and only time will tell whether I would finish the challenge or not but that unknown fear is not going to stop me from participating.

I could not make a theme reveal post on March 21st but this is an announcement post to let my readers know that I will be doing the #AtoZChallenge but without any theme. I will write about topics I care about, topics that interest me on that particular day. So, you can expect a variety of posts including few poetic pieces as well.

I am looking forward for a bit of fun, frolic and frenzy. Are you in? 

12 comments on “#AtoZChallenge – I Am In!”

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    Hey ! good to see you joining the BlogChatter tribe!
    Lets march ahead in April 🙂

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    It's my first time for the A to Z Challenge and I joined in pretty last minute too. So *Hi5* for joining in for some serious fun 🙂
    Let's rock it!

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    Hey Chandni! Pleasure is all mine.
    We are surely going to have an amazing April!

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    *Hi5* My Era. Thanks for dropping by. All the best to you as well. 🙂

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    Good luck:-)

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    Thank you Amit for the wishes.

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    Awesome… good luck 🙂

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    I'm looking forward to your first post 🙂

  9. Reply

    Thank you Archana! Are you doing the challenge?

  10. Reply

    Ondray! You can find it in my latest post. 🙂

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    Ondray! You can find it in my latest post. 🙂

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    Ondray! You can find it in my latest post. 🙂

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