Reading Glasses!

mm By in

My little mind,
Full of wonderful thoughts,

Wants to put down,
The words randomly sought.

Words want to dance,
On a plain paper sheet,
Let me tell you here,
I write pretty nice and neat.
Soo much that I write,
I see words are running out of my plight,
I feel words are angry,
And breaking up with me in a hurry.
I scratch my head,
And wonder what to do,
Then I pick up a book,
Without any further ado.
Thinking, it is still friends with me,
And will please me with a wonderful story.
But the hope is gone soon,
Pages look blur and seems to frown.
Strange, I am perplexed,
Confused and clueless,
I rub my eyes,

And that’s when, 
I realise my utter nonsense.
I search them,
In every nook and corner,
Within my bag and,
On the shelf of saucer,
Under the table,
And beside the glass of water.
Looked all over the place,
I couldn’t find their any trace.
I am hopeless and tired,
By the end of sting operation.
Sitting clueless and,
Eating eating butter bread,
I found my reading glasses 
on top of my head.

3 comments on “Reading Glasses!”

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    Oh my God I love this one. Even with the title I did NOT see where it was going. One of your best works! 🙂

  2. Reply

    Thanks Sneha. Hope you found it little funny. 🙂

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    This one reminded of our first grade lesson, 'Kutchu, where are my glasses?' 😀

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