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Memory of the first school,

Filled with laughter and craziness.
Memory of the teenage time,
Full of innocence and the stupidness.

Memory of first love,
Makes you emotional and tender.
Memory of sweet little moments,
Gives you the moment to walk further.

Memories are magical,
Memories leave you spellbound.
It’s the pile up of that awesomeness,
Which you achieved in your worldly life.

Memories are good,
Memories are bad.
They are the reason of your smile,
And the lesson for life.

Memories make you nostalgic,
Memories leave you teary-eyed.
These are the feelings of that randomness,
Which you did in your old times.

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    Lovely poem! Memories are truly precious!

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    They indeed are. Thanks Sonal for your kind words.

    • Anonymous
    • April 11, 2016

    Appreciatable line —— Memories are Good ..Bad .. and lesson for life.

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