You Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

mm By in

I may be mad,
I may be bad,
But I am clearly not to be understand.

I have my highs,
And I have my lows,
But I will never be your woe.

I will be forever,
Or just for awhile,
But I am never your smile.

I may not be near,
I may not be your dear,
But you gonna miss me everywhere.

You gonna miss my laugh,
You gonna miss my talk,
You gonna miss me When I’m gone.

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    A Very Happy New Year to You…I love reading your blog…So keep Writing stuff…God Bless You…:):)
    Have a Wonderful Year ahead…<3<3

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    Thanks Brindie for the motivation 🙂 and a very happy new year to you too 🙂

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