A Thank You Note

The lights appeared out of darkness. A blink of hope filled Foster’s pounding heart. His emerald green eyes were in search of his troop. He was thirsty and tired by walking. His stomach was cramping with hunger. His mini torch went  off. He was shivering as the temperature was dipping and dark was filling his unstable mind with trembling thoughts.
“What if a beast eats me? Nobody will ever find my body”, he told himself. He was cursing the moment when his adventure rush allowed him to set out alone in the scary forest to click some candid shots. And the forest’s mystical growing darkness made him forget his way back to troop. The roaring of beasts was giving him Goosebumps.
The lights were looking nearer as he was walking towards it. The foggy climate was giving an image of a shady hut.  He approached the hut and knocked the door.
“Is anybody in?,he asked.”
“Who are you?”, a pale female voice responded.
“I am Foster Wood. I lost my troop in the dark.” ,  he replied .
“Come inside” , the woman said.
She was an old lady with dark circles under her eyes. He observed that her body was very pale and thin due to malnourishment. She had a small pearl necklace in her neck and her ears were glowing with pearl earrings. Her hairs were neatly combed in a bun. Her white dress was glowing in the dark.  A diamond ring was glowing in her index finger.
“Who are you?”,He asked the woman.
“I am Emma. My husband came for hunting in this forest but never came back. So, I am here to search him. I hope,  soon I will find him.” , replied Emma.
“Don’t you get scared with dark? , asked Foster.
“No, Darkness is my best friend. It doesn’t scare me anymore”, grinned Emma.
“You must be hungry. I have some baked potatoes and mushrooms. You can eat that.”, said kind Emma .
“Thank you so much Emma ! you saved my life”, he said. Foster sat and ate properly baked potatoes and mushrooms which gave him some strength.
“It’s nearly 4 o’clock in the morning and I have to go and start searching my husband before the sun rises. You can rest here and take a nap.” , Emma told Foster.
“If you want, I can help you in searching”, he replied.
“No, this is my private matter. I don’t want anybody else.” She replied.
“Ok ! I will lie down till the sun rises and will search for my troop.” , he said.
Foster lie down and due to the tiring walk he fall asleep.  A voice woke him up. It was all sunlight around him . He tried to focus where the voice was coming from.
“Foster ! Where are you?” those were the words coming from very far. Those were his troop members searching for him. He immediately stood up and look around for Emma but couldn’t find her. He tore a small page from his diary and wrote a ‘Thank you note’ for her and kept it on the bed where he slept. He then headed to the direction from the voice was emerging.

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He walked some 5 kms and now the voice was crystal clear. He kept on walking. The voice was coming nearer and closer. Soon after some distance he was able to see a flag waving. He ran in that direction. 
“Foster”, Everybody cheered his name. He got his life back by getting back his troop members. His heart was pounding but this time by happiness. He told everyone about Emma.
He didn’t want to leave without thanking her. So, He with his troop headed towards her small hut. This time he marked the places so that in any case he could return to Emma’s hut. They kept walking.
They reached the final mark point but there was no hut.
“It was here only where I had baked potatoes and mushrooms in the night and slept over”, Foster said.
“Where could have she gone?”, the troop leader asked.
“I have no idea. She said she was going in search of his husband. After that, I never saw her and now there is no sign of any hut.” , Foster said.
But some 2 feets near a tree there was a box lying. They all went near the box. A ‘Thank you note’ was stuck over the box. Foster opened the  box and he was aghast with the view.
The box was a  coffin with a skeleton inside it. The skeleton had a pearl necklace around the neck line and a pair of pearl earrings were glowing in the ears. The white dress was looking pale and filthy in the sunlight but the diamond ring was in same glowing state.
Foster’s feet were trembling and he was sweating in -2 degree temperature. The fact that he spent the night with Emma’s ghost filled him with fear and shock. His heart was in a drowning state and his body became numb.
After some time, He came to conscious and buried the coffin and with his troop, headed towards the city with these soul shaking memories.

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